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Product PA Amplifier Speaker System
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EP-980 U2/DM5, High End Portable PA
Built in Trolley
Digital Echo System & Energy Saving
Built-in storage compartments for 2 transmitters
High Efficiency 180W Output Power with Orginal Sound
With Wireless/Handheld Mic
Robust design with retractable handle and sturdy wheels
-- for easy transport
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EP-360R, Ultra Portable PA
High Power Output & Audio System of High Quality
Built in lithium battery
Built-in antenna to receive clear sound
40 Watts Speaker & Digital Echo System (Optional)
Use as shoulder strap type, stand mounted, hand carry or
--simply placing on desk
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EP-350RA, Ultra Portable PA
Built in lithium battery type
Super Light
40 Watts Speaker
With Handheld Mic
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