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  1. How do I use keyword on product search?
  1. How do I use keyword on product search?
    Searching with keywords focuses the search results and helps eliminate products that may not meet your exact needs. When used correctly, keywords act as a filter, causing only the most applicable products to be returned in a search result.

    Are keywords required?
    No. If you do not search using keywords, you should expect a longer list of product results but a smaller number of perfect fits. This is helpful if you want the search results to include more potentially applicable products instead of a smaller number of more precise matches.

    Are keywords case sensitive?
    No. You will get the same search results whether you enter mount, MOUNT or Mount.

    What kinds of keywords I can search for?
    You can search keywords by product item#, name, description, price, or any of partion of these. Please note that AND, OR, and double quotes themselves can not be the keywords.

    Can I search for more than one word?
    Yes. Multiple keywords are valid. The boolean operator is AND by default.

    Can I search using the Boolean operators AND or OR?

    Yes. The default boolean operator is AND, and you can also use quotation marks (double quotes only) for better produce results.

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