Sanha JLH-206 Wireless Portable PA System

  • Latest UHF 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • MP3 player / Digital recording system (D.R.S)
  • Hi-Power (150watts) digital amplifier
  • Digital power supply, wireless digital system
  • Most convenient operating system
  • Humanized multi-functional remote controller operation
  • Fully digitized, lightweight design
  • Superior sound quality and high efficiency
  • Can be powered via DC power supply or AC high power output

Product Info

Sanha JLH-206 is a full-function high-performance system that uses fully digital mainstream processing technology, combined with a multi-system cutting-edge cloud drainage design.

This system can improve the design for diverse performance, allowing features and functions comparable to a professional stage sound system level, and superior to general large PA systems.

The JLH-206 is only the size of an A4 paper and its unique features include a cutting-edge technology that can suppress the wireless microphone’s feedback, without the need to compress or polish the attenuation frequency response curve, therefore playing back the original sound 100%.

The speakers have special phase processing technology, making the sounds clearer and with wider angles for listeners at a distance.


Speaker:5 ½" full range
Output power:55W, 35W(RMS) 3Ω load (class-D)
Audio Input:Mic in, Aux in
Audio Output:Aux out
Frequency Response:50Hz - 20KHz ± 3dB
T.H.D.:< 0.5%
Charge Time:About 4 hrs
Battery Life:5-6 hrs in music;
10-12 hrs in speech
Power Supply:100-240V AC / 18V DC, 2.5A
Lithium battery 14.8V, 2.6A
Dimensions:184mm (Width) x 162mm (Height) x 292mm (Depth)


Product Brochure: link