ABtUS SPS-870 Speaker System

  • Integrates with Digital Audio Amplifier with a low power consumption.
  • RS232 controllable.
  • Full Eco-friendly digital speaker.
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Product Info

The ABtUS SPS-S030A/P1 is a new Eco Active speaker system that design to deliver quality stereo audio amplification within a speaker system.

With an output power at 2 x 30 watts, this speaker provides a new generation of energy saving. The Active speaker offers a powerful and versatile answer to any installation’s needs, especially in a multimedia classroom. With its energy-efficient Class-D digital amplification circuit, it consumes as low as 5.8 watts of power in a typical usage, which makes this the most ECO-friendly amplification solution ever.

An RS-232 is integrated so that the volume, treble, bass, etc… can be controlled by any third party central media control system when required.


Product Brochure: link