Solstice Pod Wireless Collaboration Solution

Solstice Pod Wireless Collaboration Solution

The Solstice Pod is a software-based collaboration solution integrated on a hardware platform purpose-built for wireless media streaming. The small form-factor Pod connects to the display in the room, enabling multiple users to instantly connect, share and control content on the display, facilitating presentations, collaboration and decision-making.

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Product Info

Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, or any meeting space with a display, the Solstice Pod is an all-inclusive collaboration solution at a breakthrough price.

With flexible deployment options and enterprise-class network, security, and IT management features, the Pod is a transformative solution for a broad range of collaboration settings.

The Pod can be deployed on existing corporate and campus networks, or enable the built-in Wireless Access Point for off-network, ‘drop-in’ deployments.

Key Features:

  • Multi-user, multi-source wireless collaboration
  • Remote configuration via web browser
  • Built-in WAP mode for on- or off-network deployment
  • Mirroring support for Android and iOS mobile devices including iOS 11
  • Display-side control of shared media
  • Synchronous desktop audio streaming
  • One-click software updates
  • Includes all security, moderation, and configuration features of Solstice software
  • Continuous software upgrade path for new features and functionality
  • Small form-factor mounts behind flat panels, on projectors, or under tables

Enterprise Solution:

  • Solstice multi-room
  • Configure, manage and monitor all displays from a central location
  • Emergency and bulletin messaging
  • 3rd party integration API

All Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on a network can be centrally managed using the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition. The Pod also supports dual-network modes for collaboration among guest and corporate/ campus users.

Tech Specs

SMC-TX (Transmitter)SMC-RX (Receiver)
Transmission quality:Video : support 1080p
Sound : Mono,
Stereo supported
Frequency : 5.2GHz
Transmission quality:
Video : 1080p supported
Sound : Mono,
Stereo supported
Frequency : 5.2GHz
Compatible device:HDMI supported PC, camcorders and game console, tablets and smartphones supported if HDMI converters are connected.HDMI support devices (LCD TV, Monitors, Interactive display boards, projectors, etc.)
Communication:Directly connect of Wlan 802.11/n 5GHz with receiverDirectly connect of Wlan 802.11/n 5GHz with Transmitter
Dimensions: 82 × 72 × 20 mm110 × 30 × 10 mm
Components:- Smart-connect TX
- HDI extension cable
- USB power cable
- Smart-connect RX
- HDI extension cable
- USB power cable
Power:Built in rechargeable battery, DC5VUses external power supply through micro USB, DC5V


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