Newline Interactive Display IP series

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Capacitive Touch
  • Easy Wireless Screen Sharing


IP series

Unmatched powerful PCAP with enterprise-level security

Immerse yourself in outstanding interactivity collaboration for any workspace, from the huddle room to large meeting room.


Designed for enterprise security

IP Series brings you more effective collaboration with stronger network security. Get right to work with an operating system designed to keep your data secure, while providing your team with all the tools they need to work.

Secure your information

Have more control over your interactive display and your data.

With an operating system powered, the IP series lets you keep access to your network out of reach while still making it easy for anyone to walk up and use it.

Ultra-smooth touch experience

Capacitive touch technology works and feels as natural as writing on a smartphone or tablet. With an instant response from the screen, interactivity and whiteboarding are made more intuitive than ever.

Optically bonded 4K display to redefine clarity

Optical bonding gives you an ultra-wide 178° viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.

A display that works as hard as you do

Experience powerful collaboration without worrying about whether the display can keep up with your ideas.

IP series comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be easily combined with the Newline 4K wide-angle camera with microphone.